Operational Excellence

Safe transportation

Road safety is a priority at PAREX. We organize awareness sessions with contractors, comply with transportation schedules agreed upon with communities, and follow road plans agreed upon with the authorities.

To encourage safe road habits and behavior by drivers responsible for vehicles transporting, PAREX and oil carriers launched safe-driving awareness campaigns in 2016.

The most important issues addressed by these campaigns were speeding, drunk-driving, fatigue, safe exiting, and distracted driving. The purpose of these activities was to mitigate accident risk and comply with road safety standards.

Due to the importance of contingency plans and their contribution to improving operations, 43 road safety awareness sessions were organized in 2016. Five hundred drivers participated, strengthening their knowledge and skills necessary to drive carefully on the roads and ensure their own safety as well as that of the environment.

Rumba Field’ access road. Aguazul, Casanare

Through CICLOP, PAREX monitors information in real
time from drivers and vehicles which transport crude.

Collaborative management and effective support

Carriers are strategic partners for PAREX’ operations. They are considered an extension of our operation chain; therefore, they are expected to comply with our principles of operational excellence.

For this reason, PAREX annually audits all its transportation contractors. The Company develops relevant collaborative training, so that the contractors’ employees comply with the highest environmental, health, and safety standards while on the road. Between 2015 and 2017, a great improvement was achieved since the average audit rating increased from 58% to 73%.

Furthermore, to ensure the safety of employees and environment in transportation practices, PAREX implemented the first phase of CICLOP, a vehicle monitoring application, in 2016. This app allows PAREX to be aware of any mechanical, operating, and legal changes for the entire fleet. The system collects real-time information on drivers transporting crude oil. During this first phase, control and registration of vehicles in the app were completed for vehicles that met the legal conditions and PAREX’ Standards of Transportation of Dangerous Goods.

The second phase has also started. In this phase, the system is identifying driving habits to control drivers’ speed and working hours to help ensure the best conditions in their operations. All the vehicles and drivers providing transportation services for PAREX are, without exception, enrolled in and monitored by CICLOP.