Operational Excellence

Ongoing commitment to talent

Achieving excellent results means creating a work team that will not only incorporate PAREX values, but also adopt best practices to conduct high-level, effective operations.

At PAREX, every employee’s contribution is appreciated, acknowledging that his or her work makes the operation possible and facilitates the implementation of the corporate strategy. As a responsible and committed employer, PAREX upholds current legal labour regulations.

PAREX values employment stability and provides competitive benefits to encourage its employees’ motivation and sense of belonging, always respecting the principles of integrity and diversity, and highly regarding teamwork and openness to change.


A team for growth

During the latest financial uncertainty, PAREX not only retained all its personnel, but also added new talent. PAREX also invested in training to promote more talent development and contributions.

By the end of 2016, the Company had 261 employees, an 11% increase from 2015. The employee rotation rate remained at 9.2% due to reorganization in certain areas, and improvement in the quality of PAREX’ personnel.

Promoting inclusion and diversity

PAREX strives to provide a positive workplace, free from discrimination and harassment. The Company is strictly committed to social inclusion and promotes respect for diverse beliefs, race, color, ethnic groups, and gender. The Company values equity and implements team exercises that encourage participation, gender equality, and professional development.

In 2016, women’s participation at PAREX was as follows: 27% in management and leadership positions; 17% in supervision and professional positions; and 10% in Board of Directors positions.

Dreams come true at PAREX

Development has no limits at PAREX. Marisol Gutiérrez is living proof. After four years as part of our team, her story about her personal growth serves as an example for her children, and proves that, with determination and dedication, dreams come true.

In 2011, Marisol Gutiérrez first came to PAREX as an employee of a general cleaning and cafeteria service company. Due to her excellent performance and accountability, the Company offered her a direct job in 2013, starting with systems training and English courses.

A year later, through an internal open recruitment process, Marisol accepted a new growth opportunity as a Records Assistant in the Finance department. She was selected to take this new step and continue to develop her career.

Today, Marisol is studying Technical Management, and, as a result of her potential, she was promoted within the Finance department to Accounts Payable Filing Assistant. From that first day at PAREX, her professional development has never stopped. Her technical knowledge and skills, particularly in Excel and SAP, are continuously evolving.

Marisol is grateful to every employee who has helped her rise in PAREX. Thanks to their human touch and support throughout her career, she has been able to overcome challenges, acquire knowledge, and forge new paths for growth.

“When I first came to PAREX, I didn’t know how to use a computer. Taking on new challenges has helped me grow as an individual and develop my career. I feel so grateful to the Company because thanks to the opportunity I was given, I now serve as an example for my children. I can give them a better education, and I can show them that dreams can come true. Today, I receive more support from my husband who is very proud of me,” says Marisol.

Marisol has a bright future at PAREX. She expects to continue to learn and be assigned new responsibilities that will further her career development in the Company.

Ensuring welfare for the team and their families

PAREX is focused on being the best employer. With that in mind, the Company provides a competitive and equitable plan of benefits that provides for the well-being of its employees and meets their needs. This plan is part of our corporate Employee Benefit Plan policy that is provided to all direct employees.

One of the benefits of our plan is the SAR (Stock Appreciation Right) program, that rewards employee efforts and commitment to the continuous growth and success of PAREX’ operations. Similarly, we pay an annual performance-based bonus, based on individual goals and Company’s achievements completed during the year.

With the intention of improving employees’ and their families’ quality of life, PAREX develops sports and recreational activities, as well as business acknowledgment activities. These activities strengthen the organizational environment and culture.

Training for competitiveness

To promote continuous improvement in employee skills, PAREX offers formal and non-formal training programs. In 2016, we offered 43 programs, which were completed by 89% of the Company’s employees. Investment in training increased by 29%, from COP 320 million (USD $116,644) in 2015 to COP 412 million (USD $135,038) in 2016. The reason for this increase was a higher number of employees, and the initiative to strengthen employees’ interpersonal and leadership skills.

Non-formal training programs included English courses that increase bilingualism and help employees feel more integrated. Time invested in education and training in 2016 reached 7.5 hours per month on average per attending employee, to a total of 7,863 hours for the year. This decrease of 33% was the result of a pause in the training program during the first quarter of the year.

In 2016, PAREX focused on training leaders, coordinators, and supervisors to develop their leadership skills in addition to providing training on eight organizational competencies (quality-based achievement, innovation, teamwork, sense of urgency, adaptability to change, conflict resolution, communication and leadership).

The Company is interested in boosting the ongoing development of our human talent by providing feedback through performance reviews. Every year, each employee sets individual goals with his/her next-level manager. They also decide on the successes they want to achieve. Performance reviews allow employees to conduct self-assessment and receive their next-level manager’s opinion on the achievement of their goals, skills, competencies as well as potential areas for improvement.

Talent made in Casanare

PAREX operates in areas where human talent is excellent but opportunities are not diverse. We attract that human talent by offering them a career path right where they live.

Inclusion of local human talent for better community development is not only a commitment but a conviction at PAREX. Our operations in various Colombian regions provide us with opportunities to attract competent and committed employees who help the Company define its role as a good employer.

That is the case of César Prieto, the current Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator at PAREX. He joined the Company six years ago in his native area, Paz de Ariporo, Casanare. As a result of his dedication and excellent work ethics, he has built a high potential career and a future filled with great opportunities for his family. He is not only an example for his family, but also an example for his community. For César, “PAREX is a company that generates employment stability, allows for goal achievement, and provides a better future for our loved ones”.

However, our commitment does not stop there. In addition to employment generation, boosting the skills of our employees is key. Yaneth Ramírez, an Environmental Engineer for PAREX based in Casanare, has been trained in various key areas. Yaneth has acquired new knowledge in environmental management systems, internal auditing, emergency and first-aid crew, stakeholder management, and effective public speaking. For Yaneth, “PAREX is continuously providing training opportunities and encouraging growth within the Company”.

Having the support of local talent has been fundamental for PAREX’ growth by allowing the Company to become closer to the community, to understand their culture, and to listen to them better. Juan José Samaniego is a Corporate Social Responsibility Manager based in Tauramena, Casanare, though he was raised in Monterrey, an hour away. His familiarity with the region and the local communities has helped him become more aware of the people’s needs, faithfully transferring this to PAREX, and consolidating a channel of trust. For Juan José, “understanding the region’s idiosyncrasies has been fundamental to successfully carrying out every one of the proposed projects”.

Our commitment in all the regions where we conduct business consists of generating quality employment as a way of increasing the positive impact local talent can have in their communities.