Requests, complaints, and claims regarding community services

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Requests, complaints, and claims regarding community services

Corporate responsibility involves setting up communication channels for continuous dialogue with stakeholders. For this reason, we have developed a mechanism to appropriately receive, classify, understand, and manage requests, complaints, and claims in a timely manner.

PAREX has a standard protocol for requests, complaints, and claims. Requests are submitted to social managers and, on occasion, to other officers of the Company. These requests are then sent to the Bogota offices for processing, so that a timely response can be provided.

The total number of requests, complaints, and claims decreased by 28% in 2016. There were 347 requests, complaints, and claims recorded in 2015 and 250 in 2016. Many of them (25%) were related to contractors.

Also, by the end of December 2016, 235 out of 250 requests, complaints and claims were resolved and filed, demonstrating our commitment to proper management. It is our goal to reduce response time for requests, complaints, and claims.

Even though they are the main reason for using this communication channel, requests, complaints, and  claims relating to contractors decreased by 12% compared to 2015 because of the corrective measures implemented in 2015.

There is good communication between the Company and us. Whenever I have a question, I can personally talk to the social managers to try to find a solution together

Adelaida Medina
Community Leader of the rural district of Santa Helena de Upia, Villanueva, Casanare.

  • Petitions/Various topics (29%)

  • Related to contractors (25%)

  • Petitions/Job opportunity (9%)

  • Health/Safety/Enviroment/Quality (HSEQ) (9%)

  • Goods and service topics (9%)

  • Land owners (8%)

  • Deterioration/Road maintenance (5%)

  • Derechos de petición (Petition for Legal Fulfillment of Rights)(4%)

  • Saliries/Settlements/Service contracts (2%)