PAREX Plan Padrino: A true commitment

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PAREX Plan Padrino: A true commitment

PAREX aims to build a bond between its employees and communities through a life-changing initiative with a family that lives near the Company’s operating area. In 2016, PAREX Plan Padrino reached out to the Beltrans’ home in Villanueva, Casanare.

Since 2011, PAREX employees and contractors have come together to make the dream of a family living in extreme poverty come true: to have their own home and improve their living conditions. Every year, PAREX Plan Padrino gives a house to a family who already owns the land, but does not have the means to build and furnish their house. In 2016, this program engaged our employees from Colombia and Canada, contractors and friends who volunteered their time, work and provided financial contribution over three months. These volunteers helped make single mother Enriqueta Beltran, her four children, and her grandson achieve their dream of having a home in Villanueva, Casanare.

On March 8, 2017, Enriqueta received the keys to her new home as an acknowledgement of her continuous effort over 20 years as the primary income earner: a house with comfortable rooms and the necessary items for the family’s comfort. This is a dream come true that allows this family to set bigger goals and, more importantly, to learn that goals can be achieved.

“The change for me and my children has been huge. PAREX has given us something we never thought we could have,” says Enriqueta as she receives the keys of her new home thanks to the PAREX Plan Padrino. From a fund of COP 67 million (USD $21,960), contributed by PAREX’ employees and some contractors, Enriqueta and her family were provided with a house and a fully-equipped business establishment for a family business: “Sueños y Estilos Dylan” Hairdressing Salon. The business is named after the youngest of the family and is a symbol of a better future for the Beltrans. This micro-enterprise is managed by Omar and Nalleli, Enriqueta’s son and daughter, who received skills training financed by donations.

For Sandra Tarazona, CSR Professional and Head of the 2016 PAREX Plan Padrino: “Being part of this project has been a good lesson and has given me personal satisfaction; it´s a way to pay forward for the opportunities that I have had in my life. This is the result of working together to help improve the quality of life and welfare of a family, in this case, the Beltrans.”

Thanks to the engagement of supportive contractors committed to this program, the initial scope of the plan was expanded by providing this family with a business project to support their progress. These contractors serve as an example for these communities.

Through our Plan Padrino, we will continue to be committed to encouraging volunteer work among our employees and to working on fulfilling dreams and hopes for other families in the areas where we conduct our business.

PAREX Plan Padrino shows that our Company, like communities in which we conduct business, are made of people who share the same values. Together we can deliver solid results. Our employees, beyond donating a house, contribute to improving the quality of life of a family in need.

Lee DiStefano
President of PAREX RESOURCES Colombia LTD. Sucursal